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Key Features (En)

  • Attractive user-friendly graphical user interface.
  • Skin (Theme) of windows can be changed as per user requirements
  • Both the year format, B.E. and C.E., can be set for tax year
  • Supports 2 languages, English and Thai
  • It is modularized and displays operation flows for ease-of-use
  • Accessibility settings can be done for data security
  • Supports accessibility individually and user group
  • Supports auto back up and is able restore itself effectively
  • Able to limit the accessibility privilege by field.
  • Supports Search Engine in every window that is easy and fast for searching.
  • Record search can be done in many forms for e.g. alphabetical search, column-wise search
    Columns can be hidden and can be moved in any search window.
  • Record search can be filtered by time period for e.g. Today, Last 7 days, this month, and etc.
  • Can edit and modify forms and reports format as per user requirements
    Provides Customer Database Management Tool System as a tool to manage database of customers for the most complete information and retain customers in the organization to stay as long as possible
  • Supports many units of UOM and for sales any UOM can be selected.
    Able to specify the details of items in terms of product kinds, these are General, Service, Pack
  • Products can be categorized in various perspectives for e.g. product type, product group, product category, product brand, product color, product model, and etc. according to business type for different report views
  • Able to specify the packaged items for which components of items can be classified into Components, Service and Accessories.
  • Supports order making, components can be selected in more than 1 format
    Properties of items can be specified for further description for e.g. weight, size, model, color, and etc.
  • Able to inactivate items in case you want them to be inactive
  • Sale Team can be established for an effective sales management
  • Able to assign employee group, positions, organization units, managers for employees
  • Able to assign territories and managers to sales person for sales information analysis
  • Able to set quotas as in both amount or quantity and can be further used for comparison with actual amount
  • Provide Alert Management System to remind of important information of the system for e.g. Big Deal Alert, Activity, Quotation Approval, new Activity owner assignment, converting leads to customers
  • Able to add or view the details of activities in Sub Menu of customer directly, for e.g. history of Activity, Quotation detail, Orders and closed Orders, for speed and convenience in tracking the job
  • Every module provides significant reports like daily reports and analytic reports
    Provide dashboard displaying in a form of graphs for ease of analysis and presentation to management team
  • Able to measure the KPI for sales process to measure the effectiveness of the process
  • Provide standard forms for e.g. Activity form, Quotation form, Invoice form, and etc.
  • Reports and forms can be printed in a form of e-mail or fax to eliminate the work process and cut operation cost
  • Every window can save Note in detail
  • Ever window can attach file for retrieving important information or files promptly