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Marketing Automation

prosoft CRM 

        This system supports marketing operation and can arrange group of customer to do marketing according to business type and can create various campaigns. It can analyze which is the successful campaign and which is not. It can calculate ROI from these campaigns.

Price List & Standard Price 
  • You can set the prices of items in time range by specifying start date and end date of each item.
  • Price List can be fixed in advance.
  • Price List can be done in both customer group and items group.
  • Discounts can be fixed for sales in terms of amount and percentage.
  • You can set the Price List to ‘Inactive’ and ‘Active’.
Marketing List
  • Marketing List can be created unlimitedly.
  • Marketing source can be specified for e.g. advertisement, seminars, websites, and etc.
  • You can set the owner of the Marketing Lists.
  • You can specify cost in setting up the Marketing List.
  • You can set up Marketing List in various ways as per your requirements.
  • Marketing List can be used in any campaign for Quotations.
  • Marketing List owner can share information with other employees for accessibility.
  • Campaign can be created unlimitedly.
  • Expected Cost can be assessed in each campaign.
  • Expected Revenue can be specified from conducting the campaign.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) can be assessed in each campaign.
  • You can set the budgets for campaigns to see if cost exceeds the budgets or not.
  • You can come to know from which all Activities the expenses of conducting campaign have occurred and how much is it.
  • Other cost, related to the campaign, can be calculated for e.g. transportation cost, seminar hall rent.
  • Actual cost that occurred from activities of each campaign can be calculated.