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Activity Management

Prosoft CRM 
  • Activity with respect to customers can be in many templates for e.g. Appointment, Phone, Fax, E-mail, Letter, and Event.
  • Activity history informs about the method of contacting, time, and the contacting person.
  • You can be assured that all Activity from the first one to the last one will not be lost because these are stored in the customer database.
  • Every Activity can be used for tracking the work process instantly to create a stronger customer relationship.
  • Activity E-mail can send E-mail from the program immediately and save all the contact history.
  • You can get to know if customer contacts with employee or employee contacts with customer in each Activity.
  • Priority of each activity can be known so that you can get to know that which activity is more urgent.
  • Activity status shows the process for e.g. Not Start, In Process, Wait, and Complete.
  • Activity can be displayed in a form of calendar.