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Alert Management

        It is a system that alerts about various important information, which instantly keeps salespersons and mangers informed about movement in sales activities. It affects sale amount and customer relationship.
  • You can be instantly informed about all the updates, about contacting with customers, so that you can continuously track the process.
  • Alert can be done in 2 methods i.e. when you log into Prosoft CRM and by sending e-mail.
  • Keeps you informed about the movements and processes of activities instantly even though you don’t log into the program because you can receive these information by e-mails.
  • It displays Alerts to employee and managers so that they do not miss any important information. For e.g.
  • Resource Alerts when you want any colleagues or managers to join in your activity that you have saved.
  • Convert Lead Alerts when converting leads to accounts, contacts, or opportunities.
    Assignment Alerts when owner of any activity is changed and owner of customers. It will alert the previous owner and the new owner and also other related persons to keep them informed about the records that are assigned.
  • Activity Alerts about activity to be done in each day so that you don’t miss the important activities which is related to sale process so that you can close sale as expectation.
  • Anniversary You can be informed about anniversaries of customer for e.g. organization foundation day, CEO’s birthday so that you can send gifts or cards and make a strong relationship with the customers.
  • Big Deal Program will remind about Big Deal to administrator and related persons so that you don’t miss any Big Deal and hence can proceed with sale closing before our competitors.
  • Approve Alerts when any quotation is waiting for approval so that managers can inspect and approve so that sales person can proceed with sales quickly.